SacAnime AMV Contest Info:

The SacAnime AMV Contest will take place both Friday and Saturday night in the “Panels A” room. Come laugh, cry, or “awwww” at the great entries from our talented contestants, then fill out your ballot to vote for the winners! If you are interested in submitting an AMV, please be sure to read through all of the rules and submission guidelines.

General Guidelines

There are two types of AMVs we will be accepting: Competition: Videos submitted for consideration of an award. Competition entries may only be submitted by SacAnime attendees with any badge. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and/or Weekend badges.

Exhibition: Videos submitted only to be played for the audience, but not considered for an award.

  • Submitting a video does not necessarily guarantee that it will be played during the AMV Contest show. We will be attempting to show all videos submitted, However, priority is given to Competition entries, and if we are running short on time, Exhibition entries will be cut first.
  • Be are aware that mistakes can be made, both on the editor’s end and our own. Be sure you have given yourself enough time to be able to work with us to correct any such mistakes before the con begins by not waiting until the last minute to submit your video.


AMV Contest Rules:

  • For “Competition” entries, you must be a registered attendee of SacAnime. Can have any badge to enter the competition. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, &/or weekend badge to be eligible for a prize.
  • You may submit up to THREE (3) videos to this contest.
  • Each video may be up to five minutes in length.
  • Have the video format be WMV or MP4. AVI is fine, but it will have lower quality.
  • No live action. Has to be a type of animation and/or gaming. PG-13 rating
  • Videos may not have been submitted to any prior SacAnime AMV event.
  • A 70-30 split. Meaning 70% anime & 30% of something else. Example: If you want to add a cartoon show with it, but mainly anime.
  • Videos may not include profanity, or any scenes of extreme graphic or sexual content. We do understand that this is an anime con, and some artistic content will be permitted, but the judging staff reserves the right to disqualify any video they deem in poor taste.
  • Do not submit any videos that include subtitles or other logos, not associated with the video. (Example: Cartoon Network logo, or subtitles from a fansub) If you make a subtitle or logo yourself that serves a purposeful use on the video, that is fine.

SacAnime AMV staff reserves the right to make changes to these rules at any time.


Video Formats We would prefer that your file arrives as either a WMV or MP4. AVI is fine, but it will have lower quality. If you choose to select a format that is different from the two listed please send us an e-mail at to confirm that it will work with our system. We can convert several types of formats such as .WMV and others, but we prefer that you handle the conversion yourself so you are happy with the quality output. We have a lot of hard drive space available, so please do not be afraid to send us the best quality video you have. We are projecting on large screens and want your video to look good as much as you do. Also, please if possible, have the video name written in the file name when submitting a video. We take a great deal of care to match up the correct video with the correct editor, but with over a hundred entries, it can be hard to distinguish files when they all read (narutoAMV.mpg) or (FFXvid.avi)


Title Bumpers Please do not include title bumpers to your videos. Title bumpers are anything before or after the video itself that says what the video is, or who made it. We will be adding uniform title bumpers to each video shown in the contest. If your video is submitted with a title bumper, we will ask you to resubmit the video without the bumper. We are not responsible for late entries due to re-editing time.


AMV submissions is now closed!


Past Entries and Winners