We have dedicated rooms available for programming, and are looking for additional panels, workshops, and events to fill them! We have two panel rooms available for “Fan panels.” One will be dedicated to workshops, how-to, and educational programming. The other will be dedicated to “Fan Q&A” and “Character Panels.” Please make sure to select the correct one when submitting your panel.

Rooms come supplied with 2 microphones for panelists. There is a video screen in the “workshop” room only. If you require a “large performance space” then your panel will be taken under consideration (acceptance subject to space and weather). We do not provide compensation for panelists at the show. You must have an attendee badge to be able to speak/host a panel.

All submissions must be reviewed and approved by our program director, and you will be contacted with more information after the submission period is complete.

Due to recent occurrences, all people submitting and/or running a panel must be over the age of 18.

If you have any questions, please contact: sac.program.director@gmail.com