::::::::::ANX JPOP BATTLES: IDOL WARS::::::::::

♦ Right out the gate we like to announce that this rendition of the Jpop Battles will have some interesting rules to it.

The Jpop style is a different beast from our Kpop counterpart. This is also a dance-cover based event with a dramatic twist. You can modify your dance-cover to feature a bit of original material(choreograph/different steps).
This event is catered to the “Idol style” but! We do anticipate one of the following styles that circulate withing Jpop:
— Japanese Pop
— Japanese Hip-Hop / RnB
— Japanese EuroBeat / Night-Dancing
— Idol Core

Please keep in mind that we anticipate everyone to pick ‘Vocaloid’ based material. We’d like everyone to expand beyond that tiny corner of the Jpop realm so we do not have an entire show of Miku.

::::::::::RULES | RESTRICTIONS::::::::::
♦ Your routine CAN NOT go over 3 minutes and 30 seconds (03:30).
♦ If you are doing a shorter routine, please make sure it is at least or over 2 minutes.
♦ The event is a “dance-cover” based event but you can have freestyle/modified portions of the cover. Must have at least 50-60% of the original material featured if you choose to created or use other choreo that is not the original.
♦ it is required to submit footage of you and or your team performing one of your selection(s). The footage can be unfinished and or unedited/edited. We’ll be using it to help determine pass-ons so do your best!
♦ Yes! You can be in both the Kpop & Jpop Battles.