We want you to get in touch with your inner geek! The Geek Fashion Show where geek meets chic! Anime meets Steampunk, Gaming meets Superheroes…you never know what you will see on the catwalk at the Geek Fashion Show!

We bring together some very talented designers from all across the nation and feature beautiful models pulled from the comic/sci-fi community of fans, cosplayers, and celebrities.

We take what you love about your geekdom and make that into something you can showcase on the outside. We think everyone has something about them that is beautiful. The Geek Fashion Show is here to help you find a way to show that off!

The event creator, Douggary Grant of G33k-HQ.com is a promoter and convention organizer. Creating the very first all inclusive geek fashion show in 2007 he has brought this special event to many conventions over the years.

Having worked with Big Wow Comic Fest, Evolution Expo, Super-Con, and San Diego Comic Con among numerous others, his organizational skills have led to some of the most successful conventions all across California. He is now focusing on bringing a little bit of the fashion world to the the geeks and nerds he has called his friends for many years.