Karaoke comes to SacAnime courtesy of Karaoke Kaizokudan! We’ll be having open mic and a contest, all in the Camelia Ballroom, located on the lower floor of the Sheraton Grand hotel.

Karaoke Open Mic

Looking for a place to hang out between events? Ready to break out the air guitar and belt out that special rendition of your favorite anime or video game theme song? Come check out Karaoke Open Mic in the Karaoke Room. With a song library of over 7000 anime, j-rock, j-pop, and video game songs, there’s something for every fan!

Open Mic will be available at selected times throughout the convention. The schedule will be posted outside the Karaoke Room, and in the program book at the convention.

Karaoke Contest

The uplifting feeling of a perfect high note.
The swaying of cell phones during a moving ballad.
Your stage, your microphone, your moment to shine.

Welcome to the SacAnime Karaoke Contest! This year we are proud to bring the the spirit of friendly competition and the excitement of vocal performance to the bright lights of the SacLounge. If you enjoy singing, come sign up for the contest, or just come and cheer on your fellow fans!

The top finishers will receive cool prizes, and the winner also receives a beautifully customized microphone trophy!

The contest will take place 8PM on Friday, in the Karaoke Room. The time and location of at-con signups will be posted on the SacAnime forums and in the Karaoke Room.

Karaoke Contest Registration Form


If there are more than 20 entries, then the contest will be two rounds: a preliminary round for all participants, and then a final featuring the top 10 from the first round. So you should have two songs in mind.

Songs can be from the following categories: anime, vocaloid, video game, or J-rock/J-pop.

You can bring your own CD/mp3 player, or pick songs from our library.

You can view our song library here:

If there is only one round, then the time limit is five minutes. Otherwise, song time limits are 2 and a half minutes for the first round, and five minutes for the finals. Songs longer than these limits will be faded out when the limit is reached.

You may not use the same song in both rounds of the contest.

No a cappella singing.

Acoustic-only instruments (those not using an amp) are allowed if there is no setup required and if played by the singer(s).

All contestants who do not use karaoke versions of their songs will perform with vocal dampening turned on. We want to hear you, not the original singer.

Note: Vocal dampening has been known to have unexpected effects with some songs, so if you plan to use vocal dampening, we strongly suggest that you test out your song at home before you sign up. (If you don’t know how, try searching for “karaoke plug in” and you should find the software for your mp3 player of choice.)

No song changes are allowed once the contest starts.

Scoring and Judging
Each singer will be judged on the following criteria:

• Vocal: musical quality of performance, breath control, pitch and tone
• Visual Performance: stage presence; overall entertainment value; style and poise
• Song selection/difficulty

All decisions made by the judges are final.

If you have any questions, feel free to post on the SacAnime forums or email us at:


Karaoke Kaizokudan
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