Can’t remember if you are registered? Need a copy of your registration information? You’ve come to the right place!

Enter the email address you used when you registered in the space below and click on the “Well, am I?” button. If you are registered for SacAnime, we’ll tell you and send you an email containing your registration information.


If you booked your room at the hotel using our Early Bird special, you will be able to use the search field above to verify how many free badges you will be receiving. Note that all badges rewarded as part of the Early Bird promotion are automatically upgraded to “VIP”. These are non-transferable, and attempting to “sell” your free badges to an attendee not staying in your room is in violation of SacAnime’s policies, and will result in the removal of your free badges without refund.

NOTE: If you know you pre-registered, but are not showing up in the database, it’s very possible there was a typo in your email address. (This is the #1 most common reason people can’t find their registration info.) We have everyone who registered listed by name as well, so as long as you print out your Paypal receipt for the purchase or the hotel confirmation, we can verify you at the show.