SacAnime is pleased to host the now larger Starlight Ball. This special dance event featuring elegant music and ballroom dancing for all ages happens Saturday night at 9:00pm in Ballroom 308, Convention Center 3rd Floor. Formal or Semi-Formal attire is required, and there is a small admission fee to cover refreshments.
Tickets will also be available for $6.00 at the ticket table in front of Ballroom 308, Convention Center 3rd Floor, Friday and Saturday.

Dance Workshops

Free ballroom dance workshops will be offered Friday and Saturday for those who would like to learn the basics before stepping out onto the floor. The schedule and class list will be posted online, and in the Program Book.

Clothing Guidelines

As this event does have specific clothing requirements, please take a moment to read more about what is and isn’t considered acceptable formal wear to save yourself from being turned away at the door. We cannot answer emails or PMs with pictures or examples for each individual participant, so instead, we ask that you self-regulate, and use your best judgement.

Need something to wear to the ball? Have extra formal wear in your closet? Read about our formal wear charity!
For the Ladies…

      Shoes must be worn at all times, and should not include metal soles or tips.
      Open toe shoes are ok.
      Bottom hem of skirt should be no higher than 6″ above the knee.*
    Bodice of dress may be low-cut or backless as long as appropriate care is taken to ensure no “wardrobe malfunctions”.

*If you intend to dance wearing a short skirt, please wear appropriate undergarments. (ie: bloomers or dance shorts)

For the Gentlemen…

      Shoes must be worn at all times, and should not include metal soles or tips.
      No jeans, or torn pants.
      Shirts must be “button up” dress shirts. No t-shirts, tank tops, or fishnet.
      Sweaters or vests are ok.
    Jackets and ties are not required.

“Is cosplay allowed?”
Although this is not a cosplay event, we realize that some people may want to wear “formal” cosplay to the ball. The primary guideline for this is:

“Would this be considered formal wear outside of the convention?”
If you aren’t sure, the answer is probably “no, it wouldn’t be.”

While there are some characters who dress in formal wear in the series they appear in (eg: Aya Brea from Parasite Eve starts the game in an evening gown…), most don’t. Character clothing should be put in context of where the character would wear it. For instance, the Ouran High school uniform is a jacket and slacks, but that’s not what they would wear on a fancy date.

Examples of what would NOT be considered formal wear:

  • Fictional Military or School Uniforms
  • Armor or Martial Arts Uniforms
  • Post-Era Casual Wear (aka: Just because it looks old fashioned doesn’t make it formal.)
  • Asian Street Fashion

An idea we are suggesting to those of you who would like to dress as your “signature” character at the ball and still be within the guidelines, is to dress as that character in formal wear. An excellent example would be the evening gown designs that were done for the Sailor Senshi from Sailormoon.

Use your imagination when putting together your outfit, but remember that some items will not be allowed, regardless of whether or not you are “in character”. This is in consideration of the other guests, and the venue itself.

Costume Elements that are NOT allowed into the Starlight Ball:

  • Props
  • Weapons
  • Body Paint or Stage Makeup
  • Duct Tape
  • Metal Soled or Tipped Shoes
  • Chains longer than 10″
  • Wings, horns, or tails that extend past your shoulders, or further than 10″ off your body.