Want to go to the Starlight Ball, but haven’t got a thing to wear? Or maybe you have an extra dress or two in your closet that you never seem to have time to take to Goodwill? The Fairy Godmothers at SacAnime are here to help you out!

Bring in your gently used formal wear to earn a voucher for free entry into the Starlight Ball (Limit 2). Donated items will be available for sale at a very reduced price, and the proceeds benefit local charities.

Items we will accept:

Women’s Clothing and Accessories Men’s Clothing and Accessories
  • Clothing: Semi-Formal Dresses
  • Clothing: Formal Gowns
  • Accessories: Shawls or Wraps
  • Accessories: Dress Shoes – Black, White, Silver, Gold, or Neutral (clear or tan)
  • Clothing: Button-up Dress Shirts
  • Clothing: Jackets
  • Clothing: Dress Pants or Slacks
  • Accessories: Ties
  • Accessories: Dress Belts – Black or Brown
  • Accessories: Dress Shoes – Black or Brown
  • All items must be in good condition with no tears or stains, and have clearly visible sizing information intact.

    How it Works…

    The donation station will be located directly inside the Cafe Hoshi lobby area (Ballroom 308, on the Third Floor of the Convention Center). It will be open 11am-7pm on Friday, and 10am-6pm on Saturday. There will be a small changing booth to try on items, and we encourage you to use it, as all sales are final.

    How to earn a voucher…
    To earn a voucher for free entry into the Starlight Ball, you must donate one of the following combinations of items:


  • Semi-formal Dress + Accessory
  • Formal Gown
  • Gentlemen

  • Shirt + Pants
  • Shirt or Pants + Accessory
  • Jacket + Accessory
  • NOTE: While you are free to donate as many accessories as you’d like, what we really need is clothing. So even 20 pairs of shoes will not get you a voucher if you don’t donate any clothing with them. ^,^’

    “What if I already purchased a ticket for the Starlight Ball?”
    If you are already on the guest list, just bring your voucher with you to the ball, and the ticket table staff will refund your ticket purchase on the spot.

    Prices for Items…
    Our goal is to make attending an elegant evening affordable, even for those on a tight budget. Size ranges will vary depending on the items donated, but all prices will remain consistent regardless of size.

    Any items donated by attendees that are not sold by the end of the weekend will be donated or stored for the next event, depending on condition and quantity. We will not sell the items between events.