The Viewing Room is located at Carr on the 2nd floor of the Sheraton.

Viewing Room Rules

  • No photography or video taping is permitted in the room.  Those who violate this rule not only risk being asked to leave the room, but also ejection from the convention.
  • No tampering with the video equipment or screen. If you are having difficulty seeing or hearing the video, please notify the staffer in the room.
  • Please be respectful. Please be quiet and courteous to your fellow viewers, and take your conversations outside. Don’t assume that the sound is too high for people not to hear the conversation.
  • Don’t stand in the doorway/entrance. If you want to see what is playing, come into the room and take a seat (even for a couple of minutes). We won’t yell at you if you decide to stay, Just please do not block other people from coming in and out of the room.
  • Take your Trash with you. Please do not leave trash on the floor. There will be garbage cans available for use that is next to the door.
  • No Sleeping. The viewing room is not a nap room. If you are sleeping (laying on the chairs for example), we will stop the show and wake you up. If you don’t comply, we will call security. We understand that people get tired, but please do not use the chairs as a bed. That takes away seating for people who want to watch the shows. Thank you!

Have fun and enjoy all the anime with your fellow fans!

Showtimes may run a bit early or late. Please plan to show up 5-10 minutes early so you don’t miss anything.

There is content that may not be appropriate for minors (noted with a * Viewer discretion is advised).

Special thanks to Crunchyroll for providing content to show in the viewing room.