charles martinet Born in San Jose, California, Charles’ family moved to Barcelona, Spain when he was 12 years old. After three years in Spain, he and his family moved to Paris, France. It was during these years that Charles learned French and Spanish, and developed a passion for European history, art, and culture.

He returned to the U.S. and began to study acting in College, receiving awards and recognition, and eventually a coveted apprenticeship at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. With two seasons experience and training under his belt, Charles was accepted to the Drama Studio of London. There, he performed in plays and developed the foundation of his craft. He learned stage combat, movement, singing, and mime, along with a variety of acting techniques, and discovered a natural ability for accents and dialects.

Upon returning to California, Charles was invited to join the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and then San Jose Repertory Theatre, where he was a founding company member for four years before branching into other performing areas. He has performed in over 75 stage roles, ranging from Shakespeare to Dickens to Noel Coward.

As a voice over actor, Charles has been the voice of the, Mario for Nintendo games, advertising, and events for over 20 years. He also does the voices of Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Luigi, Baby Mario, and others for Nintendo games. He first performed Mario at tradeshows, using a real time animation system, called M.I.R.T. (Mario in Real Time), developed by SimGraphics in Pasadena, California. The actor had contacts glued to his face that tracked his mouth, cheeks and eyebrow movements, while he guided Mario around the screen, interacting with the audience, with hidden camera and microphones. Charles has performed using MIRT at trade shows, promotional and charitable events for Nintendo and the Starlight foundation. The technology of the MIRT animation system is now completely voice driven, and works over the internet, so Charles can be at home, and Mario can show up on a TV set and be able to interact with people anywhere in the world. You might catch him (Mario Live), at Christmas and in July at the Nintendo World Store in Manhattan.

Charles has provided a variety of character voices in cartoons, and for over 100 video games, including the voice of the Cat in a Cat in the Hat series, Parthunax in Skyrim, Orvus in Ratchet & Clank, and lent his voice to such games as Lord of the Rings, Men in Black, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and many more. Charles was also in the 50th anniversary production of “War of the Worlds”, and played several voices in Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks, and David Fincher’s Zodiak.

Charles has done a large volume of voices on radio and television spots, and performed regularly on the radio series “Half Hour of Humor”, for the Broadcast Services for the Blind. He can also be heard in over 100 educational toys, and on webpages.

Charles has performed in several hundred corporate films and videos, playing a range of characters, from narrator to nerd, to bring home the corporate message to employees and customers. Additionally, he has performed in scores of trade shows and corporate events around the United States.

His on-camera credits include work for ABC, FOX, Warner, Columbia and Lorimar for Television, in Starman, Midnight Caller, Good Time Café, and Candid Camera. Charles has also appeared in numerous episodes of Nash Bridges. In film, Charles has worked in Nine Months, in which he played Arnie the Dinasaur, The Game, in which he played Michael Douglas’ father in the flashback scenes, and played roles in Ishi, The Dead Pool, Hard Traveling, The Californians,and Circle of Fire.

Charles is an avid cylcist, and has done several charity bike rides to raise money for AIDS care and vaccine research. He also has a passion for hiking and loves dogs (and cats too). He lives in Sausalito, California, and does voices in his home studio, and travels around the world performing for video games, trade shows and corporate events and at his favorite new events, Fan Shows!

Charles is also still threatening to publish his autobiography on his life as Mario… More on that later.