Book your room(s) at the Sheraton or Hyatt by August 1st and be eligible to purchase a Full Weekend VIP Badge for the same price as a General Admission Weekend Badge. You may purchase one VIP badge for every room night booked.


  • The quantity of tickets ordered must equal the number of room nights booked, regardless of the number occupants staying in the room. Booking one room for one night equals one ticket. Booking two rooms for two nights equals four tickets, etc.
  • Validity of VIP status is contingent upon booking a room(s) at our partner hotel, the Sheraton Grand Sacramento or Hyatt Downtown Sacramento, utilizing the links on our website. Cancelling the room(s) reverts any VIP tickets purchased to normal Weekend tickets (except for Early Bird VIP tickets purchased for $3 – they become invalid). Attempting obtain VIP status after cancelling the hotel room is fraud and will have negative consequences, including but not limited to being automatically disqualified for future VIP status.
  • VIP tickets are non refundable and non transferable. Standard Weekend tickets are non refundable but can be used by another person. (If you purchase a VIP ticket at regular price but can’t attend and have to cancel your room, the ticket(s) revert to Standard Weekend passes). SacAnime is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.


Step 1: Book Your Room

Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel
1230 J Street
Sacramento CA 95814 United States
Phone:(1)(916) 447-1700

SacAnime Group Rate of $124 per night (plus applicable taxes).
Book Your Room

Note- if you are having problems viewing the booking page, try a different browser.

Hyatt Regency Sacramento
1209 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95814, US
Tel: +1 916 443 1234
SacAnime Group Rate of $139 per night (plus applicable taxes).
Book Your Room

Step 2: Purchase Your VIP Badge and exclusive T-Shirt

Purchase VIP Badge

New – We’re offering VIP’s the chance to pre-purchase a SacAnime Summer 2018 VIP only t-shirt (design to be announced) for our cost, $6 (s-xl)/$8 (xxl-xxxl).

VIP Benefits:


  • VIP Only Autograph Sessions with our Guests.
  • Early Entry or Priority Seating into some of our Premiere Events. We’ve set aside the best seats in our Main Events Room for SacAnime’s VIPs.
  • Limited Edition SacAnime swag available only to VIP Badge Holders.


You may purchase one VIP Badge per night booked. So if you book a room for three nights, you may purchase THREE VIP Badges! If you book more than one room, it’s still “per night”, so two rooms for two nights each is FOUR badges!SacAnime does not condone the scalping of VIP Badges. Selling a VIP Badge to someone not staying in your hotel room is against SacAnime policy and may result in being banned from receiving future VIP benefits.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Book your hotel room(s)
  2. Purchase your VIP Tickets.
  3. If you plan to purchase your registration at the show, just make sure to bring a copy of your check-in or reservation receipt with you.
  4. When you pick up your badge(s) at the convention, we will automatically upgrade it to VIP!
  5. The deadline to book a room and purchase a VIP Badge is July 30th, 2018, or when our partner hotels, the Sheraton and Hyatt, sell out of our room block. We will not offer VIP Badges for rooms booked after that date.


“What if I pre-registered before I got my hotel room? Can I still upgrade to VIP?”
Of course! Just bring your hotel registration receipt with you when you come to pick up your badges, and we will upgrade you to VIP!

Note: Canceling your room before the show will also cancel your VIP status or any other associated promotions, including the Early Bird $3.00 badge offer.



  • VIP Upgrade! – Special Premiere Events with Priority Seating and Early Entry.
  • VIP Autograph Sessions – Long lines can sometimes make trying to get an autograph from our special guests a bit frustrating. Attending our VIP Only Autograph Session will give you a much better chance of getting an autograph from that special guest you’ve been dying to meet.
  • Cool Exclusives!
  • Less time on the road! – If you live in town and are planning on attending some of our late night events, such as the dance or VIP Cafe Show, you won’t have to make that long drive home just to come back in a couple hours.
  • Keep an eye on your kids! – If you’re a parent, you want your children to have a good time, but you want to make sure they’re safe. If you book a room, your kids can have fun, but you’ll be close by in case they need you.