SacAnime welcomes Italian Cosplayer and Model Giada Robin.

Giada Robin

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Roger Jackson will be unable to attend SacAnime Summer 2015 due to a scheduling conflict. He will be attending our October 25th Sac-Con as well as SacAnime Summer 2016.

SacAnime welcomes David Faustino, the voice of Legend of Korra’s Mako and Bud Bundy from Married…With Children.

David Faustino

SacAnime is proud to welcome voice actor/director/writer Liam O’Brien (Naruto, Star Wars Rebels, Avengers Assemble, Wolverine and the X-Men, etc.) and actor/director/puppeteer Roger Jackson (the voice of Ghostface from the Scream franchise, Mojo Jojo from the PowerPuff Girls and the Cheshire Cat from Alice: The Madness Returns).

As SacAnime grows and evolves, we wanted to give artists more opportunities to showcase their work. A brand new Cover/badge contest has been created to replace the previous digital art contest. This will give the submissions the opportunity to be used on the program cover as well as the badges for the show. The new tee shirt contest works in much the same way as the winning art submission will be used for SacAnime’s official tee shirt.

We are very excited about the new contests!

After a long absence, SacAnime is happy to announce the return of Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey to our Summer 2015 show!

travis willingham laura bailey

Vic Mignogna loves his SacAnime fans, but due to another commitment, he will have to cancel his appearance at SacAnime Summer 2015. But don’t be sad. Vic will return for a future event and more guest announcements are coming soon.

SacAnime is proud to welcome Austin St. John (Jason Lee Scott), Walter E. Jones (Zach) and Karan Ashley (Aisha) from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Austin St John Walter Jones Karan Ashley

SacAnime welcomes our fourth Futurama guest, Maurice LaMarche, an Emmy Award-winning actor who gives voice to Calculon, Kif Kroker, Walt, and many other Futurama characters. He has done voice work for an incredible array of series, including the Brain on Pinky and the Brain, Egon Spengler in The Real Ghostbusters (and the short-lived 1990s companion, Extreme Ghostbusters), and Keith Lieb on The Cleveland Show, and films, playing the king in the 2013 film Frozen.


Get a full weekend pass (Friday – Sunday + Thursday night’s Day 0) for only $31! Pre-registration increases to $36 on Monday May 4th.

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