Rick Farmiloe has been animating childhoods for over 30 years, and is best known for breathing hilarity into iconic Disney sidekicks Scuttle, LeFou, and Abu in the beloved Academy Award-winning films The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

Makoshi is an illustrator in Japan. Since 1995, he has been working as a game illustrator and manga artist, along with creating Dojinshi and has been going to events all over the world. He has mainly worked in the industry with DMM.com(Production company of kancolle) as a character designer in a social game called “Himegoe”, and has worked on a Manga magazine of Futaba Co. called “Action Young”.


Swap Meet Registration  for SacAnime ’16 Summer is now sold out!~

SacAnime is proud to welcome John Dimaggio (the voice of Futurama’s Bender, Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog) to SacAnime Summer 2016.

Schedules for CCG Tournaments, Console Gaming, Table Top and Viewing Room is up!

CCG Tournaments

Console Gaming

Table Top

Viewing Room

The cosplay photoshoot gatherings schedule has been posted.

We are still accepting submissions for the remaining open slots.


Swap Meet Registration will open up on Saturday August 6th, 2016.

For more information on registration, rules, and guidelines, please visit the Swap Meet page.

SacAnime is proud to announce the addition of Wendee Lee to our Summer 2016 Guest List.


Due to additional guest announcements, we’re extending $41 pre-registration until Sunday July 10th.


Check out all the entries for our Digital Art Contests. Winning entries will be used for our program book cover, badge art and our official SacAnime Summer 2016 t-shirt. Today is the last day to enter, so make sure and check back later in the week so you can check out all the entries.

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