Our Digital Art Contest (T-shirt, Program Book Cover/Badge Art, Anti-Harrassment campaign) will be ending on October 31st. See the current entries here!

Art by Ayasal


Pre-Registration will be increasing to $36 after 10/25/15. We still have a lot of great guest announcements coming soon!

Please welcome DJ Kitsch and Pungdeng-E to SacAnime Winter ’16!

We are proud to announce that Todd Haberkorn will be returning to SacAnime for our Winter 2016 show.

Todd Haberkorn

Sign ups is now open for SacAnime Winter 16′
Cosplay Gatherings/Photoshoots Sign Ups

SacAnime is proud to welcome voice actor, director, script adapter Crispin Freeman!

Crispin Freeman

It’s a Falling Skies reunion! SacAnime welcomes Noah Wyle (Tom Mason), Doug Jones (Cochise), Mpho Koaho (Anthony) and Treva Etienne (Dingaan Botha).


AMV Contest now open for Winter 2016!
Info and entry form is located here: http://www.sacanime.com/?page_id=1081

We are now accepting art submissions for our Winter 2016 Art Contests. Find info at http://www.sacanime.com/?page_id=305

Winner from our Summer 2015 T-Shirt Contest
Art by Tea Kaku

SacAnime Winter 2016 welcomes David Eddings (Gearbox VP and the voice of Borderlands’ Claptrap), Trina Nishimura (Attack on Titan’s Mikasa Ackerman), Lauren Landa (Attack on Titan’s Annie Leonhardt) and Adam May (Gearbox Software 3d Artist/character designer).


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