Entries from Sacanime Summer 2017 AMV Contest are now viewable on the AMV page.


SacAnime’s Dailey Charity raffle raised over $2000 for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Special Guest Roger Craig Smith donated $354 as well, bringing the total SacAnime contribution to $2472.60. Thank you to all of the generous SacAnime exhibitors who donated items to the raffle and SacAnime fans who purchased raffle tickets.


Friday September 1st:

3:00pm – Special Events
Game Of Thrones
Kristian Nairn & Keisha Castle-Hughes
Hold The Door!! Hodor and Obara Sand are at SacAnime! Join Kristian Nairn and Keisha Castle-Hughes as they regale you with tales from the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. They will answer your questions about this smash hit TV series, but be warned.. Don’t get too attached to characters.

Saturday September 2nd:

5:30pm – Main Events
Roger Craig Smith,Sam Riegel & Liam O’Brien
Join these three voice acting legends for an hour long free-for-all. Spanning the gamut of video games and animation, the stories will be epic!

7:00pm – Main Events
Kira Buckland Q&A
Kira Buckland is the voice behind many characters in shows and games such as NieR: Automata, Fire Emblem Heroes, Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, Tales of Zestiria, Love Live! School Idol Project and much more. Ask her anything in this open question and answer panel!


SacAnime Summer 2017 Day 0 is here. Come get your badges early and avoid the rush. Pre-Registration/VIP and on site registration will be open until 10pm tonight.

Special Day 0 panel with Guest of Honor Kira Buckland! 8pm in the Gardenia Ballroom at the Sheraton.



Finally, after years of waiting, SacAnime has the entire Sacramento Convention Center. We are now able to make a couple of major changes that we’ve always wanted to do.

All autograph sessions will now be held in our new Autograph Room.

The new home for Cosplay Masquerade, Late Night Electronic Dance, KPOP and JPOP Battles and the occasional Guest of Honor panel.

COSPLAY LOUNGE/SWAP MEET (Rooms 202-204 2nd Floor Convention center)
A place where cosplayers can hang out during the show. The swap meet will be held there Friday night from 8pm – 12am as well as Adrian Paul’s Sword Experience (Saturday Night 6pm – 8pm).

The Console Game Rooms is now located in the Gardenia Ballroom at the Sheraton, right next to Registration and Pre-Registration.

Lolita Morning Tea will now be held in Tofanelli, on the 2nd floor of the Sheraton.


SacAnime Winter 2018 is January 5-7, 2018

Book your room(s) at the Sheraton or Hyatt by September 18th and be eligible to purchase a Full Weekend VIP Badge for only $3 for every room night booked.

SacAnime Winter 2018 Early Bird VIP Info


SacAnime Summer 2017 special guest Courtenay Taylor voices KO in Cartoon Network’s new animated series OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. She will be participating in our Free Autograph Sessions.


Thanks to everyone who entered our Digital Art Contest. We had a lot of really great entries. Here are the winners:


Due to the tight printing deadline of our program book, there are some errors in the book, specifically in the Digital Art Contest Winners page. Three winners weren’t given credit, one entry has the wrong artist name and the three t-shirt winners are mislabled as badge art winners. The above image is the page as it is supposed to be. We apologize to the artists who were affected by this error.


SacAnime is proud to welcome Keisha Castle-Hughes to SacAnime Summer 2017. Keisha plays Obara Sand in the Game of Thrones. She was also the lead in Whale Rider and had roles in Star Wars: Episode III and The Walking Dead.


Due to a change in his filming schedule, Daniel Portman was forced to cancel his appearance at SacAnime Summer 2017.

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