Welcome to Cafe Hoshi!

SacAnime’s Own Maid and Butler Cafe Experience. Our talented and friendly staff will keep you laughing, and delight you with snacks, games, dancing, prizes, and more. It’s the perfect place for a mid-convention break!

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We now have 10  show times throughout our weekend and have a maximum of 100 seats per show. Each table can sit up to 10 guests. So if you are in a party larger than ten, you will need to be divided among multiple tables. (Don’t worry, you will have fun no matter where you sit!) Also, if your party buys all ten seats at a table, you get to select a SPECIFIC maid or butler!Being at the Convention Center, we are able to have our traditional tasty Japanese treats!! However, the meal is optional, so if you would rather just sit and enjoy the show with a cold beverage you can get the “show only” ticket. Since we are starting up with new management and after a break we are structuring a little differently until we can finalize our operation. We will only be selling tickets at the con. We will have a limited amount of food tickets for each show. It will be first come first serve.



+ $15 for “Deluxe” Ticket
Includes Freshly Made Pastries, Your choice of Asian beverage, and entertaining show.

+ $10 for “Cafe Hoshi Only”
Includes your choice of Asian beverage and lots of laughs!!
If we have Deluxe tickets left you may upgrade before the show :)

VIP badge holders may attend the special “VIP only” Friday night show. This special late night show is longer than the standard shows, with different types of performances, exclusive activities, and special guests. All ages are welcome!!

Tickets are available starting at 9am at the Cafe Hoshi Ticket Table. Ballroom 308, Convention Center, 3rd Floor.


The Cafe Hoshi offers 10 showtimes within the weekend and is open to anyone with valid registration.

Breakfast Cafe: 10am-12pm (35 pastries available)
+ Cafe Hoshi Show: 1pm-2pm (25 deluxe tickets available)
+ Cafe Hoshi Show 3pm-4pm (30 deluxe tickets available)
+ Cafe Hoshi Show: 5pm-6pm (40 deluxe tickets available)
+ VIP show: 9pm-11pm (100 deluxe tickets available)

+ Breakfast Cafe: 10am-12pm (35 pastries available)
+ Cafe Hoshi Show: 12:30pm- 1:30pm (40 deluxe tickets available)
+ Cafe Hoshi Show: 2pm-3pm (40 deluxe tickets available)

+ SUPER SPECIAL SUNDAY SHOW! 11:00am-12:30pm (100 deluxe tickets available)

+ Super special Sunday show!! 1-pm-2:30pm (100 Deluxe tickets available)


Special Showtimes

Breakfast Cafe – Friday and Saturday from 10am-12pm
Instead of our regular “show format”, where guests are assigned to tables with specific maids or butlers, this is special two hour long “open format” cafe. Guests may sit anywhere they choose, enjoy breakfast pastries and beverages, and staff will circulate throughout the room. Guests are free to enter or leave at any point during this two hour block, so there’s no pressure about making it in time for line up or seating.

VIP Only Show
VIP badge holders may attend the special “VIP Only” Friday night show! A VIP Badge is required to enter this special show, so please only purchase a ticket if you have upgraded your registration to VIP!

This is our themed show that lasts longer than regular shows. We take guests into a different world and anyone that has valid registration is welcome to buy a ticket. This season we are planning to try 2 special Sunday shows since we had to turn so many people away this last season. We will be sure to announce it everywhere :) We are so appreciative of all who help us.

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Would you like to join the staff of Cafe Hoshi?

We’re always looking for talented new maids or butlers with lots of energy and a positive attitude. However, we do get a lot of applications, so there is an audition and interview process that must be followed. To be considered for a staff position, please read and follow the instructions on this page.


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