Welcome to Cafe Hoshi!

SacAnime’s very own Maid and Butler Experience. Our friendly staff will entertain and delight you with treats, contests, dancing, prizes and much much more. This all ages shows is a fantabulous way to spend your mid con-break!



What is Cafe Hoshi?

Nestled at the top floor of the SacAnime Convention, Cafe Hoshi is Sacramento’s one and only M.A.I.D.E. Cafe where we MINGLE with you, AMUSE you, play IMPROV games, DANCE for you and ENTERTAIN you all around!

How does the show work?

Dressed in full Japanese-style maid and butler attire, our hilarious staff will serve you light fare drinks and snacks while amusing you with our original interactive games played by you and your fellow audience members for a chance to win super kawaii prizes!

 What do you perform?

Our talented staff presents a one of a kind entertainment special by performing dances from the cutest Japanese songs to the hottest K-pop music of the year! We may also throw some acrobatic surprises as well as special solo performances from our exceptionally talented individuals.

Keep in mind, no show is the same because our maids and butlers improvise their colorful banter a little each time to personalize each show for the audience.


Cafe Hoshi is closed for The winter, so we can experience the con with our fans and friends. We will be back in Summer 2018 for our 10 Year Anniversary! We hope you all have a comfortable and exciting holiday season. Keep an eye on our instagram and our new Youtube channel Hoshi Host Club for exciting updates and funny videos!

Cafe Hoshi

Keep an eye on our facebook, intagram, and the new Youtube channel Hoshi Host Club for exciting updates and funny videos!




Cafe Hoshi guarantees to provide a one-of-a-kind experience with fun conversation, super kawaii dances, and silly interactive games the whole family can enjoy. We look forward to seeing you at SacAnime, so buy your tickets today!!