Application for Press Credentials

SacAnime welcomes and appreciates members of the press and media industry who come to our events, and we look forward to building a wonderful relationship with you.

For organizations to receive press credentials to cover SacAnime, applicants must submit the Press Membership Application Form below.

Press Members of previous Sac Conventions must re-qualify for each event. You will receive an invitation to re-register for subsequent Sac Conventions events (including Sac-Con) provided you follow all the guidelines and the Press Member Code of Conduct at previous Sac Conventions events.

Downloadable Documents:

Official Press Release in MS Word Format Updated 8/18/17

Updated Flyer 1 in JPG format

Updated Flyer 2 in JPG format


All Press Memberships are complimentary. Press access will not be given to any individuals who have not been approved for a current Press Membership. Press badges are to be worn AT ALL times while attending the event. Failure to do can result in inquisition and possible expulsion by security staff.

A valid photo ID and business card with matching name must be presented at the time of check-in for each person being granted a press badge. The business card must include: your name, organization name, a website URL or publication information, and a valid email address and/or phone number. Press Members must submit a link with their application to a sample of their previous press coverage including previous SacAnime/Sac-Con coverage, or coverage of similar pop-culture events within the past year.

If your organization publishes physical media or produces a radio or television broadcast, an emailed file copy of the work is acceptable. Press Members must adhere to the Press Member Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in membership cancellation. The Code of Conduct is available to all Press Members on the registration website. Organizations must have existed for at least 1 year.

If there are any questions on any of these matters, please contact us at


SacAnime Guest Interview Procedures

Interviews with official SacAnime Guests must be requested and arranged through Press Relations staff. Only Press Members may request interviews with Guests.

Interviews are at the discretion of our guests, please contact and in order to request one. Guest representatives will be contacted in order to attempt to schedule in an interview as their schedule allows. Requesting an interview does not guarantee that one will be arranged.

Press conference schedules will be available for small press, bloggers, and podcasters. All registered Press Members are welcome to attend. Recording equipment can be stored by Press Relations Staff upon request. All scheduling policies are to ensure conflicts do not arise.

Ad Hoc Interviews

Interview requests from attendees, dealers, and Guests are allowed so long as interference in the function of the convention does not occur. All pictures and interviews must be approved by the attendee, dealer, guest or their representative so long as it does interfere with celebrity signatures or dealer/guest interaction.

Photography Guidelines:

All professional level equipment, including stand-alone audio/visual recording equipment and aids must be approved by the press office. We reserve the right to judge if equipment and its usage is professional level and requires press/media application. In addition, the following guidelines are present:

All paid shoots are prohibited, we consider any photography sessions for money to be a violation of the guidelines set by the convention, the venue and the state taxing requirements. This type of photography will require application for a vendor booth and all legal documentation.

All photography must have permission from subject(s) and be compliant with all legal requirements as stated by local laws and California state laws.

All photography must be done without impeding the flow of attendee traffic and without causing safety or health issues.

Private shooting areas can be requested through the press office and arranged as scheduling and need allows.

We are always open to working with photographers, and can offer press/media badges if our requirements are met allowing equipment to be operated in the venue. Photography in areas that are deemed open by security or press staff can occur, however due to possible weather conditions and need those areas may not always be available. As always, please inquire in the press office if there is any questions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Press Relations at
with the subject line “Press Question”.

J. Alexander Arevalos
Press Liaison

SacAnime Press Application Winter 2018