For any press members who haven’t received a confirmation about their press application, it may be due to problems with our Press Application form. Please email our Press Liaison, David Wadley, directly at:

Application for Press Credentials

SacAnime welcomes and appreciates members of the press and media industry who come to our events, and we look forward to building a wonderful relationship with you.

To receive press credentials to cover SacAnime, applicants must first fill out SacAnime’s Press Credential Application Form. Applicants should keep in mind that, just because a given reporter or organization was approved for a prior event does not guarantee credentials for the current event.

Each approved organization will receive up to two complimentary press badges to attend the convention. All press badges are comped and must be obtained through the Press Registration process. Press access will not be given to any individuals who are not approved for a comped press badge.

Downloadable Documents:

Official Press Release In PDF Format Updated 11/18/2014
Official Press Release in MS Word Format Updated 11/18/2014

Full Color Flier in PDF Format (3.4 mb)
SacAnime Winter 2015 Flyer

Updated Flyer in JPG format

  • All press, amateur and professional, will need to provide a valid photo ID at the time of check-in. You will also need to provide your business card which should include: company name, your name, website URL or publication information, email address or contact information.
  • Applicants must submit a sample of their work including previous SacAnime coverage, or coverage of similar events.
  • All members of press attending our show and receiving a comped press badge must send us a copy or link of their coverage within 30 days. Anyone failing to do so will result in denial of future SacAnime Press Applications.
  • All members of press attending our show and receiving a comped press badge must be at SacAnime, covering SacAnime, not using the convention as a backdrop for other projects.
  • Organizations as a news/press outlet must have existed for at least 1 year. Individual personal blogs and/or galleries will not be considered. You must be able to provide link to traffic stats page if requested.Press Credentials Application Form

    The deadline to submit your press application is December 15th, 2014.

  • SacAnime Interview Procedures

    Interviews with official SacAnime guests must be requested and arrange through SacAnime Press Relations staff. Only registered members of Press may request interviews with official SacAnime guests.

    Interviews will be arranged as guest availability allows; simply requesting an interview does not guarantee that one will be arranged. SacAnime staff works with guests, their publicists and managers, and their industry reps to schedule the guests’ time. This policy is necessary to avoid scheduling conflicts.

    Ad Hoc Interviews

    Ad hoc interviews with general members, dealers, and people other than guests and industry do not require SacAnime Press Relations approval.

    Photography Guidelines:

    Please ask our convention attendees or Guests of Honor for their permission before taking their photograph. Photographing someone after they have specifically requested not to be can result in security intervention or ejection from the convention.

    Many of our attendees are minors. Please ask their parent, guardian, or chaperone for permission to take a minor’s photo and let them know where the photo will be located. Having extra business cards or photo cards to give out is a good idea.

    It is not necessary to ask permission for candid videos of large crowds, but any panels should only be videotaped if ALL panelists agree and you let them know where the video will be posted.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact David Wadley at
    with the subject line “Press Question”.