Updated for the 2018 Winter SacAnime Group Listings

As open space continues to be at a premium at SacAnime, we only have a few on-venue locations which are available for group photo shoot/gatherings. In order to attempt to have a known schedule ahead of time that can be announced to convention attendees we’re asking all groups to pre-register via the form. – note that we reserve the right to adjust times in case of conflicts so please choose a few time options to give us a range.

Any groups which have not submitted and received a time slot will be subject to being bumped by the group that has the location assigned. Any gatherings that attempt to form in other locations, or do not pre-register for the schedule, will be asked to disband by Convention Center security.

All costume gatherings and meet-ups will now occur on the East Lobby Terrace directly outside of the 3rd Floor East Lobby at the Convention Center. There will be a sign in this area listing gatherings that are scheduled for each day.

Advance submissions for cosplay gatherings are now closed. You may request gatherings for the open Friday slots at the cosplay information table on-site.

East Lobby Terrace
11:00  Superwholock
11:45  Tokyo Ghoul
12:30  Fallout
1:15  RWBY
2:00 Disney/Pixar
2:45 DanganRonpa Series
3:30 Musicals & Theater
4:15 Final Fantasy XV
5:00 Sonic the Hedgehog
5:45 Dragon Age
East Lobby Terrace
10:15 Homestuck
11:00 Vocaloid
11:45 Black Butler – Kuroshitsuji
12:30 Overwatch
1:15 Touken Ranbu
2:00 Yuri! On Ice
2:45 DC Comics
3:30 Marvel vs DC
4:15 Marvel
5:00 Nanbaka
5:45 Grishaverse
East Lobby Terrace
11:00 Dream Daddy
11:45 My Hero Academia
12:30 Naruto
1:15 Undertale
2:00 Assassin’s Creed
2:45 Haikyuu!!
3:30 Western Cartoon Meetup