SacAnime’s Exhibitor Hall (Sacramento Convention Center – Hall A) contains both the Vendor’s Area and Artist Alley. Vendor Maps will be printed in the program book and available via the Guidebook app for smartphones, and at the Vendor Info table.

Featured Tables (Guests of Honor and Industry Guests)

SacAnime Exhibitor Info W34
SacAnime Merch W32, W33
Deleter AA91, AA101
Central Public Library A15
Harmony Gold B21

Industry Tables

Sac Horror Film Fest. IND4

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Summer 2014 Vendors

Vendor Name Location
168 Dragon W20-W22
4th Dimension B8, B10
A&B Comics E17, E19
ABC Toy B23, B24
Adams Comics D3, D7
Aerisk Fashion A13
Anime Accessories C15
Anime Books C11, C12
Anime Dealz A7
Anime Palace D6, D8
Anime Pavilion D18, D19, D20
Anime V E1, E2
Bishonen Boutique B11, B12
Blade Daddy  
Bowen Dragon E13, E14
Cartoon Passion B13, B15, B17
Collector’s Universe W26, W27
Cupcakes and Switchblades E3
Digital Discs D13
Doujin Press E6
Dr Hogan Berry’s B9
Epic Cosplay C9
Fanciful Gifts D9-D12
Fantastic Fam E4
From the Land Beyond C20, C22
Global Anime E10, E12
Golden Square W18, W19
Hobby Fan D1, D2, D4
I Hate Leeks C18
Jones Bones W8, W9, W10
JS Anime W16, W17
Kai Everything Guy B7
kamikaze Games E23
Kelly’s Heroes W5
Bordin Marsinkul C17
Koryu Mart W31
Metropolis Comix E18, E20
Miooo D22, D24
MJ Anime Goods A1
Model Grade A10
Nikaku Animart E9, E11
Once Upon a Video Game A11, A12
Power Morphicon A2, A8
Precious Gifts and Toys W23-W25
Qmomo W14, W15
Scattered Comics C19, C21, C23
Shark Robot A23, A24
Starry Petals D21, D23
Sugar Clay Café W7
Sun Anime B14, B16, B18
Surf City Etchings E15
Tee Turtle E22, E24
The Comic Book Shop W2-W4
The Hidden Cape A14
Toy Fusion B19
Toy Mandala C13, C14
Toys Logic B1-B6
Visual You D14, D16
World’s Best Comics W28-W30
Yes Anime C1-C8


Artist Name Location